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Tightening the 2.4Ghz antenna after transporting the rover to Mars Desert Research Station for competition.


I am currently a Master’s student at University of Toronto in the field of autonomous vehicles. I build robots.

In grade nine, a friend of mine invited me to check out the my high school’s robotics club. I have always enjoyed building things in the past, from simple DC motor, to rubber band powered helicopters, to small solid fuel rockets. The opportunity to work on robots everyday after school was irresistible, and that began my path in the field of robotics. Throughout the robotics club, I participated extensively in VEX, FTC, and FRC robotic competitions. This experience lead me to study Mechatronics at University of Waterloo.

At Waterloo, I joined the robotics team and we competed in the University Rover Challenge. Before I graduated from the undergraduate program, I was leading the sub-teams in mechanical, autonomy, and systems aspects of the rover. In addition, I helped to manage the team’s business, finance, and recruitment efforts.

For my last internship, I worked as a research assistant at the university on a project on lane detection for self driving cars. I gained exposure to the field of autonomous vehicles and decided to pursue a Master’s degree in this field. I am currently one year into my Master’s degree and I am pumped for a future career in robotics.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, hiking, and archery.

At Glacier Point, hiking the Four-mile and Panorama Trail loop in Yosemite.